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``Land Of No Pity``

In & Out the system based on a modern day slavery

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This book is very popular and has consistently enjoyed a great sales history in many California Rehabilitation Institutions such as: San Quentin State Prison; Pelican Bay Prison; Folsom Prison; Corcoran State Prison; Delano State Prison; Tracy Prison; Iron Wood State Prison, and High Desert State Prison.

This book, originally written by author Cornelius Rogers while locked up inside the LA County jail system, clarifies and dispels numerous jail myths and urban mysteries, with Rogers telling of his firsthand and personal experiences of being locked up in the LA County Jail system.

“THE LAND OF NO PITY” was solely created and published using the words and stories of numerous convicts and inmates as shared during their jail time with author Cornelius Rogers.  Mr. Rogers combined his true jail experiences with the war stories told by other LA County Jail inmates in the writing of this book.


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