Stanley Tookie WIlliams

Stanley “Tookie” Williams — Co-Founder Of The Crips

Time to visit with Stanley “Tookie”  Williams — Co-Founder Of The Crips We are all familiar with the American gang culture — “the color blue”, avoiding the letter “b”, the graffiti, etc.  However, what often goes undiscussed when we get on our never ending vocal tirades outlining the negative actions of gangs like “The Crips” […]

Prison Crisis

The Prison Crisis

We increasingly hear the term “prison crisis” today. The most prominent prison crisis impacts the State of California. California did not provide constitutionally adequate healthcare and mental healthcare for inmates, leading to deaths and alleged cruel and unusual punishment, so California was ordered by a federal court to release up to 40,000 prisoners or more. […]

The Land of No Pity Chapter 1 (Best Selling Novel) With Over 64,000+ Views & Reads for 2020.

LA gangster novels collection news leaked the novel Land Of No Pity In & Out the system based on a modern day slavery written by reality author and metaphysical scholar Cornelius Roger’s. This amazing LA urban novel are it’s own craft of authentication when reality author Cornelius Rogers framed worked this entire book without any […]

La Gangster - Raymond Washington as a child.

How to Turn Children Away from Gang Life

Let’s discuss the responsibility for us all to turn children away from gang life. Today in general is very complicated and confusing for our youth in general not to mention the peer pressure to join an unlawful gang. Our youth regardless if going to school or from the neighborhoods they live most lkely no someone […]

La Gangster - The East side Crips in the California Rehabilitation Prison

Jails Creating Criminals

Our modern world contains persons and groups fixated on resolving the question of how we can reduce the ever increasing levels of crime and violence that plague our society. Because no one as of yet is focused on the solution as much as they are the problem, the usual answer given by politicians and the […]

Land of No Pity

Congratulations! 64000+ Book Views and Reads “Land of No Pity” a (Best Selling Novel) by Cornelius Rogers

Congratulations to Cornelius Rogers, Reality Author and Metaphysical Scholar for “Land of No Pity” The Year for 2020 Has Brought 64000+ Awareness, Views and Reads to This (Best Selling Novel) Depicting the “In & Out System Based on Modern Day Slavery” Let’s meet “Cornelius Rogers”.  Reality Author, Spiritual Leader and Metaphysical Scholar who had the […]

a Gangster - The Crips hanging out in the 70's in LA.

Gang Prevention Teenagers Should Know

2021 and we still have not learned how to stay away from gang life. The entertainment and news industry seems to idolize and provide allot of unnecessary attention people that choose a life of crime. The media and movies have brought attention to gangs, gang violence and the attempts of authorities to enforce laws, limit […]