Congratulations! 64000+ Book Views and Reads “Land of No Pity” a (Best Selling Novel) by Cornelius Rogers

Land of No Pity

Congratulations to Cornelius Rogers, Reality Author and Metaphysical Scholar for “Land of No Pity”

The Year for 2020 Has Brought 64000+ Awareness, Views and Reads to This (Best Selling Novel) Depicting the “In & Out System Based on Modern Day Slavery”

Let’s meet “Cornelius Rogers”.  Reality Author, Spiritual Leader and Metaphysical Scholar who had the bravery and no-how to introduce and discuss such fragile topics such as gang life in Los Angeles and the youth of America having the hunger and needs to join such gang clubs.

Cornelius Rogers” is from the great state of California and grew up and received his education through the hardened streets of Los Angeles, California.  Cornelius learned early on that there are no second chances when it comes to survival in the rough streets of LA.

In the 1990s Cornelius experienced life as a young Los Angeles gang member and because of this chosen lifestyle also experienced jail time as an inmate. If one has not experienced prison life, it is a turning point experience to inspire one to change their ways. 

I always said that if I can get out of jail, I will never go back and Instead I will inspire others to make the change from gang life to becoming a productive member of society before other youth will have to experience what I personally went through during my jail time.

It is for this reason, Cornelius has transcended his existence into a life of “Greatness” as a spiritual leader.  This extraordinary author has donated over 10,000+ copies of this book to the California Youth Authority in hopes of motivating and educating the minds of young Americans on the realities of growing up in LA.

This amazing LA urban novel “The Land of No Pity” is its’ own craft of authentication with no ghost writers or professional help. Simply said, the dirty truth from start to finish.

This is a phenomenon coming out of South Central LA’s gang culture. This book is inspired by LA Eastside Crip founder Raymond L. Washington, LA Westside Crips founder Stanley Tookie William’s, Ladell Dell Dog Rowles, best seller and most popular in 15 high level California Rehabilitation Institutions as San Quentin state Prison, Folsom state Prison, Pelican Bay State Prison, Iron Wood State Prison, Corcoran State Prison and more.

This novel of true hood facts, show reader it’s authentication by identifying 2 types of LA Crip and Blood gang members.  

#1 You have your typical “Dumb Nut” Crip or Blood homie that condemns the understanding of “Stopping black on black senseless genocide” and loyalty.

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