Gang Prevention Teenagers Should Know

a Gangster - The Crips hanging out in the 70's in LA.

2021 and we still have not learned how to stay away from gang life. The entertainment and news industry seems to idolize and provide allot of unnecessary attention people that choose a life of crime. The media and movies have brought attention to gangs, gang violence and the attempts of authorities to enforce laws, limit gang like activities and protect our society. It’s a wonder why our youth is infatuated with crime and gang life today.

 Our politicians and media seems to offer a form of glorification and a reasoning and understanding why some people committing crimes today may have a reason and cause that justifies their criminal acts as if they are accepting the fact that the isolated acts of crime are indeed acts of rebelling and getting-even with society.

Our youth sometimes feels alone, invisible and not loved which is one of the reasons for joining a gang in the first place. Gang life is a way to identify with a group outside of the immediate family where individuals with similar backgrounds and needs “belonged”.

Many teenagers today feel they don’t belong or fit in. They feel they have nothing of value to hold on to. Gang life creates a family like foundation with territories to protect that provided a feeling of belonging and purpose for such youth that choose the direction of crime by joining a gang. As they say, there is strength in numbers verses being alone.

Depending where we live, many of our children grow up surrounded by gangs. To many of our children, many of the local gang members become neighborhood heroes because of their flashy clothes, cars and money. Having nothing your entire life than seeing a local gang member with all the materialistic item and cash you want is very difficult to tell a child not to go in that same direction.

Statistically speaking, the average age a child chooses to become a gang member is between the ages of 11 through 13 years of age.  What most of these children don’t seem to understand is that once you enter and are accepted by a gang, it is almost impossible to get out. In other words, it’s basically a life sentence if you like it or not.

Let’s discuss some methods how to avoid gang life as a choice. Many gang members rely on fear, intimidation and violence of others to establish their territory and to recruit new members. Be careful and conscious of your attire, the color of your clothes, how you wear your clothes. Be careful how you act, the friends you keep, the places you go and etc. You can be signaling gang members without your knowledge and this is not the sort of attention you seek. Dress codes of gang members is a signal of willingness.

If you wish to avoid gang life and want to improve your chances not having to go through a gang member attempting to recruit you than the best way to prevent this is by doing well in school, show that you follow the rules of school and society. Participate in school activities (clubs, sports). Let the neighborhood you live in see that you are not destined for gang life instead you are destined for college ad success. Gang recruiters typically prey on the needy and weak.

Remember, you are a reflection of your surrounding and your behavior. Choose your network of friends and associates wisely.

The author for “The Land of No Pity” is working diligently to create a movie to help the youth of today understand the negative impact of joining a gang and living out a life of crime in Los Angeles California,

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