How to Turn Children Away from Gang Life

La Gangster - Raymond Washington as a child.

Let’s discuss the responsibility for us all to turn children away from gang life.

Today in general is very complicated and confusing for our youth in general not to mention the peer pressure to join an unlawful gang.

Our youth regardless if going to school or from the neighborhoods they live most lkely no someone that is a memeber of a gang. Gang members are very convincing why to join their gang.

It is very important to unfortunately talk to our children and teach them why for example wearing certain color garments, walking a certain way, hanging out with the wrong crowd may get them in trouble from a mistaken identity issue. Your child innocently may be wearing gang style colors or clothing which can end up getting them in trouble not just with those gangs but rival gangs as well.

This social condition is so alarming that it needs prompt actions by adult authority and supervision. There are positive things us adult leaders can do.

We can begin while our children are very small to protect them from potential future gang involvement by strengthening our family ties and keeping an open forum without family repercussions, punishment or judgement with strong communication between our children and parent (s).

Everything we do to strengthen the family can help protect our children against the influence of dangerous groups. All of us want to feel like we belong to something meaningful in life. Nobody wants to be alone. Remember, if you don’t have open communication at home you’re your children will look elsewhere for the satisfaction that someone is listening to them.

Children will be children. After-all, are any of us perfect? of course not therefore, with that said, children sometimes make bad choices but if caught quickly enough, parents and adult figures can help fix the issue before it becomes too late.

This is why it is so important as a family to sit down with your children at the earliest age possible in order to begin to educate our children about gang life and the repercussions of choosing such a lifestyle. 

Children regardless of what we teach will make mistakes. Even adults make mistakes so this should be at no surprise to us parent(s) and adult figures. Remember, gang involvement places a high value on respect. Each gang member demands his or her respect therefore, when communicating to your child, give the same respect to your children you expect back for yourself. This also includes the fact that you should not be afraid to tell your children how much you respect and love them. Build your family circle so that it cannot be broken up by gang influences.

If this blog saves even one single child from a life of gangsterhood lifestyle than this author did his job successfully.

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