This Los Angeles based novel is a realistic and profound account detailing the United States prison culture. 

This literary masterpiece provides readers the rare opportunity to experience and live a true gangsta’s days in the Los Angeles Angeles County Jail System.

“Land Of No Pity”, written by Los Angeles resident and author Cornelius Rogers, transforms the reader into a modern day slavery system with accounts of life on the streets of Los Angeles amongst the Crips and Bloods.

This book is inspired by true events.  To protect identities, the names and places used in this book have been fictionalized.  The stories contained in this book were personally told to the author during his time in the Los Angeles jail system.  It contains stories told by Los Angeles gang members, drug dealers and rappers during their incarceration in LA prison.  The book takes the reader from a Crip life on the streets of Los Angeles, through the LA jail systems, and back outside onto the savage Crip, Blood, and hood streets.

This novel finally reveals the racism and prejudice embraced by numerous Los Angeles police officers and deputy sheriffs toward the disadvantaged, and often poor, American people that they are paid to protect and serve.  The book is a road map for American parents, children and adolescents to understand the realities of the Los Angeles City Crips and Bloods gangs.  A true entry into the world of evil politics and a corrupted LA jail system!


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