Jails Creating Criminals

La Gangster - The East side Crips in the California Rehabilitation Prison

Our modern world contains persons and groups fixated on resolving the question of how we can reduce the ever increasing levels of crime and violence that plague our society. Because no one as of yet is focused on the solution as much as they are the problem, the usual answer given by politicians and the media is that we have to be even tougher on crime. It is an answer that comes from a deeply held belief that fighting against crime even harder will eventually straighten this country out. This is an illusion. 

You can never get what you want by pushing against what you do not want. The hard truth remains that what you see as a physical, tangible manifestation is the direct result of energetic movement which is controlled by thought. That means that if you are focused on crime, you will manifest crime. 

When our society does not understand this, we try to control others which we see as being “external”. We believe that it is not in our power what another person does or doesn’t do to us. We believe in victim-hood and so, we try to control others by creating laws. And we enforce those laws with harsh punishment for all those who disobey them. 

Punishing someone into wellness is a contradiction in terms which is seen in the fact that the crime rates rise with the creation of more jails.  It is imperative that we facilitate a safe environment for all inmates and examine ways to better prepare them for their release back into society. 

Jails are not places of rehabilitation.  Inmates are traumatized, even more so due to the fact that nonviolent prisoners are put in the same holding facilities as violent prisoners where nonviolent offenders often do in fact learn a lesson … the lesson of how to be violent. And so, our justice system is not reforming criminals, it is creating them.

There is a mass societal failure in our current global mindset to see the truth of what creates a perpetrator. We hold victims in a woeful light and perpetrators in a condemned one. This is completely inaccurate.  

It is hard for people to grasp the concept that anger and revenge is actually a much healthier state for a person to be in than powerlessness and grief. The difference between a victim and a perpetrator is that the perpetrator has tried to move closer to wellness by physically acting out in an attempt to no longer feel powerless by committing a crime. In effect, they project their feelings of powerless out onto their victim and in doing so, feel more empowered. It is a reaction rising from fear. 

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